Chile calls for regulation of online gambling

On March 18, the traditional casinos throughout Chile closed their doors. This caused the loss of a lot of money and, as the closure measure is expected to remain in force for at least another 10 months, the sector's recovery will be difficult. Against this backdrop, the industry is calling for the regulation of online gambling, which includes the new social casinos, online gambling and online sports betting. For its part, the Superintendence of Gaming Casinos (SCJ), an agency dedicated to supervising the permits and legal provisions of traditional casinos, declared that it is analyzing the request.

Why is online gaming

regulation important?

The regulation of online gambling allows, mainly, the protection of the user. On the one hand, the legislation will make it possible to verify that players are not underage, preventing them from engaging in an activity that could be harmful if not carried out responsibly. On the other hand, the importance of regulating online gambling lies in the fact that it is the only way to ensure that the user's personal data and the money transferred to the gambling operator do not fall into the hands of third parties who could use this information wrongly and carry out scams. In the particular case of Chile, this measure will at the same time allow operators of traditional casinos the possibility of recovering revenues lost after the closure of establishments due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus


In response to the request for regulation of online gambling, the SCJ responded that, although some further progress was being considered, there are difficulties in legislating on this activity.

Its representatives explained that in any activity it is necessary to consider all the facts in order to determine which legislation will be effective. With this in mind, it is necessary to find a balance between the provisions and the economic development of the sector, along with its consequences in relation to players, operators and the role of the State in tax collection. Before being able to legislate, it is necessary to determine that the policies adopted will not encourage fraud and money laundering to ensure the protection of the sector and gamblers. In addition, the SCJ has not yet determined whether it will address this new measure by considering only the online casino or include other online games.


example of ColombiaColombia

, the first Latin American country to regulate online gambling, should be taken as an example to positively influence the decision of the MCS. It has been two years since this country legislated in favor of online casinos and with 18 online gaming operators, how this measure has impacted the sector and society should be carefully analyzed. Undoubtedly, having the corresponding legislation made players better understood by promoting responsible gambling. This also meant an increase in the country's income and, as such, should not be underestimated.

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