Responsible gambling. What is it? These are the keys

Much is being said about the new decree from the Ministry of Consumer Affairs on betting shops and online gambling. But in the absence of specific details about its content and scope, it seems clear that this law promoted directly by the minister Alberto Garzón (Unidas Podemos) will deepen a concept already in force today: responsible gambling. In these lines we briefly explain what this concept consists of, who promotes it and what its pillars are.

Who promotes responsible gambling?

The General Directorate for the Organisation of Play (DGOJ). This is the body of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs that is responsible for regulating online gambling in our country, with a long list of functions, among which are the pursuit of illegal gambling or the granting of permits to carry out these activities.

And all the websites dedicated to sports betting, as well as online casinos, adhere to its responsible gambling campaigns., an awareness campaign

Among the multiple functions of the DGOJ is to raise public awareness of the risks of gambling. And with this aim, it launched the website, which is an informative and educational space on the subject. To do so, it uses a language and design clearly aimed at the youngest, who are precisely the most vulnerable in this activity, which is forbidden for them.

Adults are given advice on how to organise their betting and games, but the existing legal limitations are also explained.

Self-prohibition, a voluntary decision

The DGOJ gives the possibility of self-prohibition to those users who voluntarily request it. This is done through registration in the General Registry of Gaming Access Prohibitions (RGIAJ) and must be complied with by all physical gaming rooms and all websites such as casinos or online betting shops. The commitment of these rooms is not to allow those registered with the RGIAJ to enter their spaces to play, either in person or virtually.

The measurements of the bookmakers themselves

In addition to joining the campaigns launched by the DGOJ, bookmakers and online casinos can carry out their own initiatives to avoid negative aspects linked to Internet gambling, such as compulsive gambling or excessive risk-taking. These are campaigns launched by the major websites, which can devote part of their resources to this awareness-raising objective.

This is the case of 888sport, which has the 888 responsible initiative in place, where it allows players to take voluntary periods of reflection with their account temporarily blocked, but without ever registering with the aforementioned RGIAJ. Other common actions in this and other campaigns are to provide help and advice on such basic issues as allocating a budget or self-imposing time limits on play.

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