Technology and development of online casinos: how they differ from land-based casinos

The word casino has Italian origins and precisely dates back to 1744 when in Venice were created these "small houses" where you could gamble. To enter you had to wear a specific dress code, namely a mask, a tricorn and a cloak. Since then the casino has come a long way, in the last 20 years technology has developed virtual casinos, which today represent the highest number of gaming turnover. One only has to look at the Wanna Win Online Casino site to see proof of the incredible gaming experience that digital casinos can offer.

Today, the development of virtual casinos has definitely surpassed land-based casinos, which are frequented by only 10 percent of players, while 90 percent prefer to play online. The projected turnover of online casinos at the end of 2021The Agency of Customs and State Monopolies has compiled data on the revenue of the online casino market in the first half of this year. The turnover in January was about 81 million euros, in February 78, in March 94 million. Precisely the latter month saw a significant increase in turnover of 29% compared to 2018, an encouraging figure that has encouraged forecasts for the end of 2021.The total turnover of online casinos by the end of the year, as predicted by the ADM, will be more than 1 billion euros, a decisive figure that highlights the advantages that virtual gaming is able to offer users, compared to traditional casinos.

No travel costs, accommodation and organizationOne of the main advantages of online casinos compared to traditional ones, is precisely the elimination of distances and the reduction of gaming time. To play in a land-based casino, you have to physically get there, incur travel and accommodation expenses and very often, stand in line at the slot machines, roulette or poker table. This is not the case with digital casinos, you can play immediately and there is no need to queue, plus you can join tournaments with just a click and play whenever you have some free time, 24/7.Communication technology, bonuses and refundsThe communication technology of online casinos is constantly evolving, in fact, through chats and messages you can communicate with other players and challenge users from all over the world. Not only that, but digital marketing has definitively overturned the concept of casinos, providing users with welcome bonuses, offers and refund bonuses, which are currently one of the biggest advantages and main differences of virtual casinos with land-based casinos.

If in a real casino no one will ever give chips to the player, in the digital casino all this is possible, indeed it has become a mandatory practice.

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