The main reasons to play sports

Games and sports are part of our lives. We are more and more, not only fans and passionate sports fans but also their practitioners. What leads Brazilians to practice sports? Come and discover. The taste for sports and games is something that the human being has since ancient times and ancestors.

Even so, with the passing of the years, we stopped being mere spectators and, nowadays, almost all of us want to practice some kind of sport. Of course, for many people, being able to watch the games of their favorite teams is the most important thing, and there is great expectation when the. It just doesn't seem enough to watch now. People really want to be part of the sports world and stay active.

Very different from simple physical activity (which you can do at leisure, walking, shopping or swimming in the ocean), sports implies that you have a regular and motivated activity, with a purpose. This kind of sports activity requires a higher investment and, for this reason, it usually comes with a reason.Come and know the main reasons that make people seek sports activities.

1) Health issuesMany

people start sports activities by encouraging their doctors to benefit their health and promote quality of life. This type of practice helps to improve their respiratory system, prevent coronary heart disease and stroke, reduce the risk of diabetes, increase muscle mass, improve motor coordination and balance, reduce stress and avoid sexual impotence.

2) Weight lossLosing

weight is one of the main reasons people seek exercise. Although it has to be combined with a healthy and balanced diet, the practice of sports can help a lot in the burning of calories, helping the body to eliminate fat and get thinner and more toned.

When it is regular, this practice allows a greater energetic burn and promotes the acclaimed body gym, while improving the overall health of the body.

3 - Having funThe

pursuit of leisure and fun also makes many Brazilians choose to perform sports activities assiduously. Besides being an occupation of time, sports help in the release of some neurotransmitters and hormones in your body that improve the feeling of pleasure and well-being.


world is very digital but sports still bring people together, allowing other forms of social relationships. This factor serves, therefore, for many people to practice sports so they can meet regularly with their friends or to make new friends, avoiding isolation.

5 Fighting anxiety

Stress and anxiety are other reasons for Brazilians to seek sport.

Some sports, such as swimming, tai chi or yoga can help a lot in the release of endorphins in the body, helping to eliminate stress. In addition, any sport will help keep the mind and body oriented towards positivism, which may reduce anxiety.

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